The Dufresnay Haiti Foundation is a small group of dedicated volunteers, gathered to assist the impoverished people of Dufresnay by providing basic care and improving the health of those less fortunate. We, the DHF, with the assistance of Ralph Stowe (retired founder/director of St. Rock Haiti Foundation), formed a new 501 (c)(3) nonprofit aid foundation in April 2014 . We aim to achieve our mission goals by working in conjunction with the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation (SRHF), which operates the medical clinic in the building that we both utilize.

Each initiative that we are pursuing has an immediate and direct impact on the poor of Haiti and could not have been achieved without the generosity of our donors and hard work of those in the St. Roch community.

The DHF shares the clinic building in Saint Roch, Haiti with the Center DeSante, which now has over 19,000 registered patients. Through the generosity of donations, the DHF has recently installed a 3 kW solar array, providing shade as well as powering a large battery bank, which supplies energy for fans, lights, cell phones and 2 refrigerators.

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