Mobile Clinic

The goal of the DHFM Mobile Outreach Clinic (DMOC) is to serve individuals who are too young or ill to walk, or too overwhelmed by responsibilities to leave their family and are therefore unable to visit the clinic in St. Roch. We are blessed to have two skilled and compassionate nurses, Helen and Renist, to administer healthcare in the field. Just last month, we received a special gift donation and now we have enough funds to pay for a doctor to accompany the DHF nursing team one day a week for the next 5 months.

Through the generosity of two individuals, the DHF was able to purchase a new Ford diesel pickup truck that brings our medical professionals into the field, as well as transports the very sick to appropriate care facilities. With this small health team and dedicated equipment, we are able to examine and treat over 40 people daily. The DMOC travels to small isolated communities in Dufresnay. These are the villages that the mobile clinic visits weekly: Dufrensnay, Macacau, Jimba and Obery.

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