Water Project

A major initiative of the SRHF was the construction of a drinking water system for the St. Roch community. Through dedicated hard work and the contributions of many, this has become a reality. Now a safe drinking water supply is being successfully managed by the community that it is intended to serve. The DHF has recently extended the water supply line over 4200 feet to the small community of Bois Djoute, where we constructed a 3000-gallon cistern and a water kiosk.

This latest extension to the St. Roch system is providing safe drinking water to over a thousand new users. The water supply system now has four cisterns with water kiosks and also 2.4 miles of distribution pipeline. Recently, we were able to convert the St. Roch water system to 100% solar power, making it completely self-sustainable. A 5 kW solar array has been installed on the roof of the control cistern. The diesel generator that was previously used to supply power to pump water is now on standby and used only during cloudy periods. In the near future, and with the help of additional donations, the DHF would like to provide safe drinking water to those people that are now being serviced by the DMOC.

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